Neuronia is a utopia inside Alex's brain. Brain cells work together in various departments to assist Alex in their daily life. Neuro, an average office worker, who is the protagonist runs into obstacles as he strives to get promoted. He starts to realize that the obstacles he runs into may be caused by Alex's mental health.

Designed by Tiffany Phan and Jacob Swanson from University of Santa Cruz.


All art/animations by Tiffany Phan Events/Programming by Jacob Swanson


"Caketown" by Matthew Pablo -

"Evasion" by Matthew Pablo-

"Shake and Bake" by Matthew Pablo-

"Magic Town" by controllerhead -

"Juhani Junkala" by Subspace Audio-

"Happy Arcade Tune" by rezoner -

"Fast Fight" -

"CopyCat" by syncopika-

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